About me

Hi, I am Nancy Niles.

For years I struggled with my addiction of narcissistic men.

Relationship after relationship I fell into the same trap, and would end up with another egotistical, self-loving and heartless man.

Sadly, I haven’t had anyone to teach me how to handle these guys. My best friend was in a similar kind of relationship, too. We were just each one’s crying shoulder.

And then one day, instead of curing myself, I went even further into darkness…

I married the biggest jerk of them all! Talk about the ultimate mistake of my life.

And so it began. Eight long, painstaking years where I would constantly find reasons to justify why I still loved, supported and forgave my partner – when all that I got in return was abuse and humiliation.

He didn’t meet my needs. He didn’t show me any love or affection. He didn’t treat me like a lady.

He didn’t even show me that he cared… well other than when he wanted sex… and often even then he basically demanded it.

I mean it was literally eight years without ANY Romance. No roses on Valentines Day, no sweet gestures, and not so much as 3 words before he left in the morning for his “Super Important” job.

But somehow he had the nerve to demand so much from me. He expected me to constantly admire him, and to practically worship him, even when he was being pig-headed and arrogant.

I remember so many times through the relationship wanting to physically hurt him, just so he could get a taste of the pain that he had caused me.

And then, one day, I’ve reached the tipping point of my exile.

That was the the day of our 8th anniversary. I clearly remember everything like it was yesterday.

We went to a dinner, mechanically. All the time he was bragging about his successes, like usual. I got used to it.

Then we went home and he said he needs to finish some urgent work. I went to my bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night, and sneaked to the living room. He was sitting at the computer. I recognized that he is on a dating site OkCupid. I went back to my bed without him noticing anything.

In the morning, I went to see the computer history and it was all erased.

I tried to log in to OkCupid and succeeded. He was careless enough to use the same password as for our home computer.

I started reading his Inbox and almost collapsed. He’s been flirting with dozens of women. They were exchanging hot pictures, and he even scheduled dates with some of them.

That was the day I took my destiny into my own hands. I left him without ever mentioning what I’ve found.

It was the hardest, yet best day of my life.

I learned how to get past my fears, and I dumped his good for nothing ass.

After many years of suffering, I had simply had enough. I was fed up with his egotistical and aggressive ways.

Since then, everything’s changed.

I have re-built the confidence that my ex-N robbed from me. And I’m back to the happy, outgoing and fun loving women that I once was.

I get to hang out with my girlfriends again. I get to wear what I want. And I get to spend my money the way that I see fit. I mean I’ve completely gotten my life back!

And I’ve dated several men afterwards. Most of them had narcissistic traits too. But you know what?

I’ve learned how to deal with those men, and how to get what I want and when I want. I never had any problems with narcissistic males again.

Fast forward many years later, I’m working as a relationship consultant.

And can you guess what my field is?

Yes, the narcissistic men. I help other women to escape the same trap I was into.

Throughout the years, I’ve listened to many stories of women mentally abused by self-obsessed men.

And all the stories were similar. Only the names of the persons involved were different.

But the good thing is, there is a cure for that condition as well. This is something I’ve been working on my entire life.

Trust me, it will get better!

I know that it’s hard to believe at the moment but it will. You just need to learn how to deal with those men.

Sincerely Yours,


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