I Was Trapped With a Narcissist Man For 8 Years, And I've Managed To Get My Life Back. Here Is How I Did It.

just some of the comments from "Naked Narcissist" readers:

Anna Bourdain

After my terrible breakup about a year and half ago I felt like I've been attracting the same kind of jerks again and again... I've read bunch of relationship/dating columns and articles, it almost became my second job. The Naked Narcissist was different because... well it really makes him "naked" lol :) It helped me learn why I kept falling for these guys in the first place and how to detect them when I see them. Right now my SO is a completely different persona than all the douchebags I've been dating before.... I'm happy! Thanks soooo much Nancy!

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Diana Clinge

I was married to a narcissist. Nancy, you've mentioned there are different types of narcissistic men, well he was the WORST kind. Our son was the only bright spot in that marriage. My life slowly crumbled, only God knows how I found the courage to escape the jaws of my egoistic husband, but this book has helped me a lot in that process. Highly recommended.

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Marylin Chan

At first I was sceptical. I've read lots of self-help literature recently, and most of the stuff was useless. But the Naked narcissist REALLY rules. And the bonuses blew me away! Nancy you rock.

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Rachel Thorne

I am a relationship therapist... so consider this as a very relevant advice: Naked Narcissist is the most powerful yet easy to comprehend guide for women about narcissistic men. I would highly recommend Nancy’s program to any woman who wants to have a happy relationship.

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The complete guide to detecting and handling the narcissist.

The Naked Narcissist is based on my unique DUT framework. There are many types of narcissists. Whether you want to try to change him, break up with him, or recover and heal yourself after the breakup, the "Naked Narcisist" will help you. It is the bible of narcissistic males, containing many real-life stories and solutions for handling all kinds of these men.

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Why do women like you praise the Naked Narcissist?

First of all, Naked Narcissist is based on my unique DUT process (Discover-Understand-Transform) that's been effective for hundreds of women for more than 10 years. Also, every section in the book is there because "you asked for it." Well, not "you" really. But real life questions from women who had experiences with narcissistic men.

I started by writing down the questions from my relationship consulting clients. I created discussions on Internet forums and women like you visited them and left me their most pressing questions on narcissistic men.

I took all those questions and I answered them!

Which means no fluff. Just the real answers you want to know.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover in the "Naked Narcissist":

  • REVEALED! Results of the ground breaking research on narcissism will help you understand narcissists and make you feel more confident when dealing with them – pg. 6
  • A proven “N Separation strategy” - smoothly break up with a narcissist, even if you have children with him - feel secure walking away and use a winning approach for dealing with possible fear, shame, self-blame or confusion (if you know the correct way, everything else is much easier) – pg. 119
  • “Aftermath Phoenix method" - how to heal yourself and recover faster after you deal and break up with a narcissist – pg. 122
  • 5 smart tricks, not shared by other gurus, you should use to make sure you are SAFE from the narcissist (whatever phase you are in) – pg. 125
  • “Break The Cycle plan” – how to break from narcissist's magnetic powers and stay immune to his attraction (go through these 5 steps and you will never again be the victim of a narcissist) – pg. 134
  • “N-benefit technique” - how to communicate with a narcissist when you need something from him and never feel terrified or not worthy when you have a request – pg. 113
  • The differences between a confident guy, an incredibly arrogant guy, a self-centered guy and a narcissist – feel clarity knowing who you are dealing with – pg. 17
  • Differences between a psychopath and a sociopath and how they differ from a narcissist – pg. 118
  • “N Proof” sequence – method you MUST use to be sure that a man is really a narcissist – pg. 90
  • One subtle psychological trick to decipher if the guy who looks at himself in the mirror and glasses all the time is a narcissist – pg. 37
  • How to tell the legend from the truth - is there a narcissist person that is ugly
  • “N supply” – the drug of the narcissist and 3 things to keep your eyes on when dealing with a narcissist – chapter 6
  • “N Scanner Kit” - detailed method to spot a narcissists early on (before becoming emotionally involved in a relationship) – it will make you feel safe and immune to their hooks – pg. 11

And that's just a fraction of what you'll find in the "Naked Narcissist" because you'll also find answers to some of the most burning questions I have EVER received:

  • “Since everyone in the world is becoming a selfish narcissist, will love eventually seize to exist?”
  • “Why do I keep falling for Narcissists? The 'good guys' who can really love me, don't excite me I guess--but I want to find a healthy relationship!”
  • “How come a Narcissist is more lovable (attractive?) than an honest, dependable, kind, caring person?”
  • “Just started dating a great guy but he is so into himself like narcissist - should I break up?”
  • “How can I tell if he is a narcissist by analyzing his social media profile? Especially Facebook.”
  • “Is there a noticeable difference between a smart narcissist and a no-so-smart narcissist? Would it be in how they cover their tracks, not think about how they might get caught on Facebook, etc.? OR do all narcissists (smart and dumb) not care whether they get caught because they're so self-absorbed to care?”
  • “One of the things he said that haunts me still to this day is: "I'll never treat her like I treated you, she's everything I've ever wanted and all I'll ever need. This still makes me cry, it hurts so bad. I did everything for him, including 3-somes with other women and sex with other couples. I'm ashamed of myself. To hear him make that statement made me sick to my stomach. Now I'm believe she gets to have the relationship that I wanted with him. :( How is this fair?”
  • “I was left with the impression that there is not much you can do about a narcissist in your life except change your own behavior or get them out of your life. Is this true?”
  • “How to knock my narcissist boyfriend into reality?”
  • “Why do some women fall in love with ' Narcissistic Men'. Marry them have children with them and live happily... for the rest of their lives. How is this possible?”
  • “My mind knows how bad he is for me, but it also wanders to all of the very good times we had in bed. I feel embarrassed posting this question, but is there a way to not go there in my head? I feel so disgusting and stupid when I do...”
  • “Has anyone ever successfully sued a narcissistic man for essentially robbing them of their entire life? I've been married to my N for 27 years. We married when I was eighteen. I was too young and naive to recognize the warning signs. Three children and 27 years later, I am irrevocably attached.”
  • “I am the empath ex wife who was married to an extreme narcissist. When will he leave me alone?”
  • “What is the best way to make headway when I tell him, and what's the best approach? Also, how do I move on in my life without a divorce? We have four kids at home (five in total), and I would rather not break up the family. So far, I've been able to make up for his lack of parenting, but the kids would be devastated (if we split).”
  • “I ended a 11 year marriage with a diagnosed narcissist. Any advice on recovery?”

So, how much better would you feel knowing all the answers to these questions and more?

Wouldn't you have a much better chance of success in dealing with narcissists?

That's why you should own this book today (in fact, you can be reading in as little as 5 minutes from now!).

But that's not all.

You will also get the following BONUSES for FREE

When you invest in this eBook right now, you’ll also get companion eBooklets and more, as FREE bonuses…


FREE Bonus #1 (valued at $39) HOW TO SPARK ATTRACTION

spark attraction ebook

In the first bonus booklet, “How To Spark Attraction: How To Make Your Man Fall In Love With You (Again And Again)” I address one of the biggest problems that couples have, even if the guy isn't a narcissist: He is cooling off! Attraction is fading! Mayday! Mayday!

I've had so many women write me or say to me in person: “We had this chemistry and attraction going on at first, but he seems to become less interested and not that into me anymore, WHAT should I do?” or “There is this guy and I want to make him feel attracted to me, do you have some magic I could use on him?”

I’ll teach you:
  • 18 powerful and practical attraction strategies the most seductive women use to make men obsessed about them
  • The secret ingredient of physical attraction and why you don't have to be a super model
  • One powerful psychological trick that makes you more relaxed, which attracts men like bees to honey
  • The most important part of your body you should use for attraction (it's not what you think!) and how learning to use it will improve your relationship big time
  • Mirroring technique - your secret that will make him fall in love with you without even knowing why
  • How to use communication with him to make him instantly open up and warm up for you
  • One thing in sex that will blow his mind and become addicted to you

Inside this condensed report, I summarize some of my best ideas in an easy-to-use format that can help you overcome whatever obstacle you’re facing.


FREE Bonus #2 (valued at $39) HOW TO READ A MAN

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In the second bonus booklet, “How To Read A Man: Proven Tips And Tricks To Know What A Man Is Thinking And If He Is The One” I’ll show you how to read his true emotions and intentions, how to quickly know if he is looking for a serious relationship and what his sensitive spots are.

Most men just don't show their emotions and true intentions directly, but using the right approach, you will read him like an open book.

You’ll learn:

  • What are the 100% clear signs a man wants a serious relationship with you right now
  • How to reveal if he has a capacity to change for the better - we all have flaws, but this is very important for your future!
  • My "First 5 Dates technique" that reveals his true intentions and your compatibility with astonishing precision
  • Communication cues that show his true emotions, even if he is the most silent or distant guy in the world
  • What his preferences in sex ACTUALLY tell about him and how they predict success of your relationship


biggest narcissist myths ebook
In the third bonus booklet, “The Biggest Myths About Narcissists” I explain the five biggest misconceptions about narcissists. This is so deeply ingrained in our culture and the biggest struggles women who are dating narcissists have come from not knowing what these myths are. They are so important that they can make or break your relationship.

This is absolutely crucial for all your future interactions with men in your life!

This booklet will show you:

  • Real-life examples of how narcissists can be dangerous when you are not aware of these myths and what to do about it
  • How narcissist's mind is working and when you should try to change him
  • How to read the subtle signals when figuring out if he is a narcissist

FREE Bonus #4 (valued at $197) NANCY'S VIP CONSULTING

biggest narcissist myths ebook
And best of all, when you invest in this program today, you will not be alone.

Look, I've received literally thousands of emails from my fans and even though I would love to, I just can't manage to help everyone. But – for a very limited time and a limited number of spaces – I've created a priority access to members of my Naked Narcissist Lessons program.

When you join the "elite Naked Narcissist squad" of women today, you’ll get access to my VIP ONLY, priority-reply email where you can get in touch with me directly and ask any question (totally private).

I'll take you by the hand and help you get over any recovery, communication, sex or relationship issue you might have so that you can be "The One" in your dream man's heart, mind, and soul.

You get more than $350 worth of value if you order my ebook now. My Capitalist marketing guy is bugging me every day to shut down all this free stuff and I don't know how long I will offer them as bonuses, so don't miss this opportunity.



Look, I know you still may be sceptical. I strongly believe anyone can handle a narcissist and have the relationship they want using the methods from this guide. However, if for any reason you find it unsuitable, you can email me any time within 60 days from purchase, and I will gladly refund your money. Sounds fair?


Are you ready to get your life back and finally have the relationship you want?

Let me ask you something.

How much is it worth for you to get your whole life back?

How much is it worth to finally be able to wake up in the morning without fearing or worrying about your partner?

To regain your self-confidence, feel excited and breathe freely, knowing exactly how to protect yourself and deal with narcissists.

I mean you could get the same outcome by seeing a Psychologist. Sure you could learn how to deal with the N's the slow way. Yes you would find out why you always seem to choose the same men, and they will probably feed you some story about your "Daddy" issues.

But the thing is, that route would easily cost you $150 a session... And we all know how much you actually get done in one session...about the same amount as your narcissistic partner cares about you- ZERO.

So, here's what I offer you when you order my program today (even tough it drives my marketing guy insane):

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That’s a bargain considering that my program actually improves your love life. The only one you have.

I know I could easily sell this whole bundle for 10 times more money, and still, people would buy it. But I don’t, because money's not my motivation here. I am more interested in giving every women opportunity to have the relationship they want and make the world a happier place.

These 47 bucks is something I must charge you in order for you to have a commitment to actually put my advice to use. If I give this out for free, you won't value the information. And you won't find this information anywhere else. This is as real as it gets.

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  • OPTION 2: You can look somewhere else for a solution. And look you may get some relief. But the trouble is; many other options are very expensive, and it can take months before you find out how to deal with your situation. Now let me ask you, are you really willing to wait months before you get your life on track?
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And look, 30 days from now you could be just 1 month older with the same problems. Putting up with your abusive, controlling and cheating partner. Just trying to make do, promising yourself that “one-day” things will get better.

You can continue to struggle every single day all on your own, trying to change the way you think....

Or you could be back to the fun loving, out going and confident women that you once were. And you could have a roadmap for the relationship that you want and deserve.

It really should be an easy decision.

Make that “One-Day” Today!

Still can’t decide? Check out some Frequently Asked Questions:


Since 2013 thousands of women have used the strategies from Naked Narcissist to make their partner relationships better, so I don't see why it wouldn't work for you, too. For the most of my Naked Narcissist students – simply applying 2 or 3 of my tips instantly supercharged their results, and they didn't even apply 5% of my advice. It's crazy that a few simple changes in your mindset and behavior can instantly take your love life to the next level.

It doesn't matter whether you want to change him and fix your current relationship or to divorce him/break up with him, whether you've been married for decades or just started dating this new guy – Naked Narcissist can give you that unfair advantage in any relationship.

And it's easy. Anyone can learn this. It's not rocket-science. You've just been misinformed about what really works because you've been taking advice from amateurs.

Either way, you've got nothing to lose – you can now try it completely risk-free, it comes with a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Just email me if you aren't happy with the results and I'll refund all of your money, no questions asked. However, I urge you to take advantage of my offer while all of these awesome FREE bonuses are still on the table. Spots are limited.

I have a MSc in Psychology and I have been doing relationship consulting with women for years now - specialized in narcissistic men. What's equally important is that I experienced relationships with different kinds of narcissists myself. Heck, I was married to a narcissist for 8 years, so I experienced on my own skin and soul what's it like to be deeply involved with one. Good news, I know there is a solution.
All major Credit Cards, debit and PayPal are available. As soon as you checkout, you get instant access to the entire program. If you're having any trouble, just email nancy@nakednarcissist.com and I'll personally get back to you within 24 hours, usually sooner.
Your purchase will appear on your bank statement under the name "CLKBANK*COM", so your purchase can remain completely private and secure. You can even store the files within your email and access them directly in your email provider without actually having the files on your computer.
No. The entire Naked Narcissist package is available as a digital edition that you can access within 5 minutes. It's more private and convenient this way so you can keep your new skills to yourself – like a secret weapon – no waiting time. You can save the files and study the materials on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
Everything started after I was trapped for 8 years, where I experienced a severe narcissist first-hand, on my own soul. After I left him, I decided to expose N's, never thinking I'll start a narcissist free Revolution.

I decided to put together a simple site with some basic, but real-world advice... since nobody else was talking about it honestly. The site grew like crazy. I ended up receiving thousands of questions from women all around the globe.

At some point I just couldn't reply to everyone anymore, and they kept asking for a step-by-step program, all the little tricks and details that make a narcissist-free relationship. So I created the Naked Narcissist as a result.

Having seen the amazing impact my advice made on so many women, their relationships and marriages, I had to make this available to everyone, that's also why I offer you all this value for such a low price - because I wanted to make this affordable to all women, even college students and women in third world countries.

Don’t forget to send me an email once you've applied my advice! I love reading your emails and hearing your success stories. They always put a smile on my face :)


A woman's guide to recognizing
and dealing with a narcissist

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